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Best Propane Heater For Garage 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Best Propane Heater For Garage

Do you experience this colder time of year very badly? Not in your home, even inside your garage as well. The propane heater for the garage is something that you are looking at as an arrangement.

Indeed, you are totally correct. One safe and energy-effective arrangement that can assist you with heating up your garage effortlessly in any event, when it is incredibly cold outside, is a propane garage heater. 

All these garage heaters in the market use propane as a fuel to produce warmth and protect the whole space in a brief time frame period. 

These garage heaters are better as far as productivity and usefulness in contrast with electric and kerosene heaters and proposition a perfect and calm method of protecting your garage or home. 

However, it very well may be very hard to pick between a lot of choices accessible for garage heaters arrangement with propane. 

Subsequently, here we waitlist the best propane garage heater models considering different perspectives like size, runtime, compactness, mount-capacity, inclusion, and BTU. 

The buying guide will impart to you the point-by-point surveys, elements, advantages, and cons of best propane garage heaters. You can likewise check our purchasing manual to realize the significant variables to consider and adapt adequately utilizing the propane heaters. 

Let us dive into the best propane heater for garage list.

Quick Summary

Mr. Heater F274800 MH18B Portable Propane Heater

  • Best Propane Heater For Garage
  • Best Propane Heater For Garage
  • Mr. Heater Portable Propane Heater review


Color: Red
Brand: Mr. Heater
Dimensions: 17×11×12 inches
Weight: 1.1 pounds
Power Source: Propane
Type: Radiant

The gas heater from Mr. Heater is a great thing that you can have; let’s know more about the product in detail.

It is made in China though it’s most famous in North America; it has some reasons that make it a quality item. As you can see the name indicates that the heater uses propane as the power supplier because it can produce more strength than other gases.

It can convert up to 4000-18000 BTU gas to heat which means you can control the conversion of the heat in this heater. The red and black portable heater has many safety options inside that makes it worth using.

The propane here stays as a liquid first, but turns into a gas quickly when it is connected to the cylinders. It has two swivel regulators that help it to regulate the air inside; as a result the indoor heater can heat up to 450 sq. ft. at a time.

You can keep the heat low, medium, or high if you want; the lightweight thing is easy to carry with yourself. You may also use it when you find something to connect the port with.

Highlighted Features

Well Structure

The port, filter in front of the heat supply, a knob for starting the heater, and the connection of it with two cylinders make the structure well configured.

Safety System

Its oxygen depletion system along with the accidental tip-over shut off system makes it much safer to use for anyone. There is no chance of a short circuit inside the heater.

Easy Operating System

As it is a well constructed heater, they work together to produce heat pretty easily. You have to connect the removable cylinders, start the knob, and the regulators will work to regulate the gas.

Heat Control

You can keep the heat low by converting 4000BTU per hour, medium at 9000BTU per hour, and high if you set it to 18000 BTU per hour.

Mr. Heater MH60QFAV propane Forced Portable Air Heater

  • Best Propane Heater For Garage 2022 - Reviews & Top Picks
  • Mr. Heater MH60QFAV propane Forced Portable Air Heater review


Brand: Mr. Heater
Color: Black
Dimensions: 16×9×13.1 inches
Weight: 13.1 pounds
Power: Propane
Type: Forced air

Another item comes up from the Mr. Heater brand with much more power than the previous one. Let’s see what it has got

This item comes in a more compact shape that is lightweight and doesn’t consume a lot of place. The black air heater is also run by propane, but the air flow and power here is a lot. It can heat up to 1500 square feet area within a short time, and raise the temperature nearly 10-12 degrees.

You can use either 30000 BTU or 60000 BTU of propane gas to produce in an hour which means you can save a lot of natural gas here. You have to connect its port to a propane tank that can provide energy to the heater.

The ignition system here is continuous, not like the previous model from Mr. Heater. You can set the machine either high or low, and your energy consumption will depend on that.

If you set the machine at low, it will keep providing hot air till 14 hours if you connect it to a medium-sized propane tank. The shape of this looks like a microphone that people use for announcements, but it creates a low noise though it resembles loudness.

Highlighted Features

Low Noise

Propane powered heaters usually make a loud noise while producing heat, but its feature is it makes 50% less noise than the traditional ones due to the QBT technology.

Long Running

If you connect it to a 20lb. propane gas cylinder or tank, and set it to the low setting, you will surely get a good performance, and it will run up to 12-14 hours.

Powerful Performance

It can use a little propane gas to produce high heat that makes it suitable for both input and output. This is because the heater can heat nearly 1500 square feet, the size of an apartment.

Heat Variation

The heat can deliver ranges between 30000-60000 BTU that is above than an average air heater, especially gas powered ones.

Mr. Heater F260550 Big Maxx MH50NG Natural Gas Unit Heater

  • Mr. Heater F260550 Big Maxx MH50NG Natural Gas Unit Heater review
  • Mr. Heater F260550 Big Maxx MH50NG Natural Gas Unit Heater review
  • Mr. Heater F260550 Big Maxx MH50NG Natural Gas Unit Heater review


Brand: Mr. Heater
Color: Tan or Ash
Weight: 63 pounds
Dimensions: 25×18.5×17 inches
Model: F260550

The third one from Mr. Heater has some other features that make it significant; let’s see the features that it has got.

It looks like an oven that runs with natural gas; the natural one later turns into the propane gas which provides energy. It is not a heavy duty item that can heat a large area, but you can heat a congested area with it, especially a low roof area.

It has no issue with the production of heat because it can use up to 50000 BTU, and if you let it run to the highest speed, it can heat 1250 sq.ft. It can be attached to the ceiling, and that’s why it comes with two angle brackets.

But it has no remote, ODS, and thermostat included in the package, but it has the gas to liquid propane converter kit inside. It requires electric ignition, but doesn’t consume a lot; therefore, you don’t need to worry about it.

It has both vertical and horizontal areas inside the box to produce heat inside and deliver. It requires 115V AC current to be operated well.

Highlighted Features

Special Design

It can’t be actually called a lightweight item but it can be easily installed on a low ceiling area, and it is specially designed to heat garage areas. Moreover, it can be easily attached to gas lines and thermostats.


Though the manufacturers offer a one year warranty with the product, sometimes the heater and burner can be replaced at free of cost. The time limit can vary (3 years to 10 years).

Distance from Ground and Ceiling

The distance from the ground has to be minimum 8 inches, and the clearance from the ceiling 1 inch would be enough here. Now you may understand that it can be safe for narrow rooms as well.

Mr. Heater F260550 Big Maxx MH80NG Natural Gas Unit Heater

  • Mr. Heater F260550 Big Maxx MH80NG Natural Gas Unit Heater
  • Mr. Heater F260550 Big Maxx MH80NG Natural Gas Unit Heater review
  • Mr. Heater F260550 Big Maxx MH80NG Natural Gas Unit Heater review


Brand: Mr. Heater
Weight: 88 pounds
Color: Tanned
Dimensions: 31×28×22
Heating Method: Forced air
Power System: Gas powered

It has many similarities with the previous air heater model of Mr. Heater, especially in the name, but please don’t get confused between them. Let’s see what are the specifications and details of this item.

If you want to heat up your garage or storage room more and want a better performance than the MH50NG, you should choose this. Because the item can convert 80000 BTU natural gas into heat per hour; isn’t it amazing?

It comes with a high velocity electric fan inside which pulls cool air inside and keeps the machine well, but delivers heat outside. It has a liquid propane to gas converter kit with the package like other Big Maxx heaters that works pretty quick.

It will perform better if you attach a thermostat with it, but you have to purchase a separate one. You can heat up to 2000 sq.ft. area with the heater as it’s quite powerful. It needs 2.3 Amp and more voltage than the others (120V). Moreover, you will see 3 horizontal sections and a vertical venting.

Highlighted Features


It has two angle brackets for ceiling attachments, and you have to keep only an inch of space from the ceiling while mounting it. Even it’s the distance from the ground has not to be too much. 

Safety Features

As gas powered heaters need to be operated carefully, they come with manuals and they have some safety measures installed in the heater for the users.

Heating Capacity

It can heat at the rate you want even if it’s fast, and quickly raise the temperature around the garage or barn. You are supposed to control the room temperature according to the weather around.

Mr. Heater, MH30T Double Tank Top Outdoor Propane Heater

  • Mr. Heater, MH30T Double Tank Top Outdoor Propane Heater review
  • Mr. Heater, MH30T Double Tank Top Outdoor Propane Heater review
  • Mr. Heater, MH30T Double Tank Top Outdoor Propane Heater review


Color: Multicolor
Brand: Mr. Heater
Heating method: Radiant
Item dimension: 16.75 x 6.5 x 16 inches
Item weight: 5 pounds

The MH30t is a small yet reliable propane heater which is lightweight and has a metal body. 

The MH30T from Mr. Heater is a straightforward propane heater that is easy to use and carry. It is your standard propane tank that comes with two radiant heaters and two reassembled eyes or antenna. If you are going on a camping trip and looking for an outdoor propane heater that is user friendly and also lightweight then it is the perfect choice for you. 

The product is around 5 pounds and connects to your standard 5 and 20 pounds cylinder tanks. So, the next time you are on a trip with MH30t there are worries on finding a particular tank. Moreover, the product also features an automatic shutoff to save fuel and also for your safety. 

It also comes with radiant heaters which are also adjustable from high, medium to low. The radiant heater heats directly the object rather than the air which makes it more efficient and also energy saving. 

Highlighted features 


The product is a basic design with a sturdy construction. It comes with a double tank top which provides stability and also it is reliable to withstand harsh weathers. 


It comes with an automatic shutoff that makes sure that it is saving fuel every second when it is not being used. Moreover, the feature also kicks in when the propane heater accidently falls ensuring your safety every step of the way.


The controls to adjust the heaters are very easy to use. You can select how much propane you want for the heater to run at with a single knob. 

 Clean burning

The product does not produce any smoke while burning propane which ensures the safety of the environment and also the air around you.

Mr. Heater F274830 MH18BRV Big Buddy

  • Mr. Heater F274830 MH18BRV Big Buddy review
  • Mr. Heater F274830 MH18BRV Big Buddy review
  • Mr. Heater F274830 MH18BRV Big Buddy review


Color: Gray
Brand: Mr. Heater 
Power source: Propane
Heating method: Convection, Radiant
Item dimension 19 x 12 x 17.75 inches
Item weight: 16.42 pounds

Are you looking for a high power propane heater to take on your next camping trip? We highly recommend the Mr. Heater F274830 MH18BRV Big Buddy.

It is a high power portable heater which has an output range of 4000 BTU to almost 18000 btu. The product provides radiant heat and has a capacity of 450Item square feet. So, you can easily heat up your tent at night when you are camping. 

The product is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use; moreover, with a clean burning energy you are protecting the environment and as well as getting high power concentrated heating power. 

You also have three options to choose from when heating your tent or camp site. That makes it a very flexible yet efficient product to have at your disposal; moreover, each setting has a different power output for your convenience. 

 It also comes with an auto shutoff mode which ensures the safety of you and the campsite. The feature is very convenient and kicks in if the heater falls or even if the pilot light goes out. 

Highlighted features


The entire weight of the product is around 16.42 pounds which is slightly more than your average propane heaters. However, you are also getting more features. It has a convenient and sturdy handle which allows you to easily transport the device. 


The product is easy to use and everything is adjustable, making it very convenient for any user. Starting from the radiant heating system to power usage, you can adjust according to your needs with a single twist of a knob. 


The most important thing for a propane heater tank to have is a built-in safety feature which our product is also providing with an automatic shutoff when falls or the pilot light goes off. 

Mr. Heater MH9BX

  • Mr. Heater MH9BX review
  • Mr. Heater MH9BX review
  • Mr. Heater MH9BX review


Color: Red
Brand: Mr. Heater
Power source: Propane tank
Heating method Propane heater
Item dimension:  13.4 x 15 x 8.3 inches
Item weight: 9.23 pounds

The MH9BX is a great choice if you are looking for a propane heater that provides a longer runtime. 

The product is made from steel, nickel and plastic; however, the weight is around 9.28 pounds in total. It is designed in a way that you can easily transport the device and use it in any place you feel necessary. 

 It is a radiant heater with a capacity of around 4000 BTU going up to 9000 BTU per hour. Moreover, it has a coverage area of 225 square feet with 100 percent clean burning efficient energy. So, the next time you go camping, the MH9BX is a perfect option to keep in your hand. 

The product comes with a fold down handle which makes it very convenient to carry and set up at your camp. It also has a swivel out regulator for more easy access and provides a runtime of 5.6 hours. 

 The device also has auto shutoff which is triggered when the device falls off, pilot light goes off or the product is detecting low oxygen level. 

Highlighted features 


The entire design is to support the usability of you and provide maximum comfort along with efficiency. It has a large heating surface and fold down handle. Moreover, the regulator is easy to access and comfortable to use. 


It is great for both indoor and outdoor use with a maximum output of 9000 BTU per hour. You also get 100 percent clean burning energy along with a 5.6 hour runtime. 


The device has a large capacity of around 250 square feet with clean burning energy. 

Mr. Heater Corporation Convection Heater

  • Mr. Heater Corporation Convection Heater review
  • Mr. Heater Corporation Convection Heater review


Color: Silver
Brand : Mr. Heater
Power source : Propane
Heating method : Convection
Item dimension : 19.25 x 16.5 x 18.5 inches
Item weight: 18.3 pounds

If you are searching for something that has the capacity to heat up your entire camp site then we recommend checking out the new Mr. Heater Corporation Convection Heater. 

The product is a high capacity and high output device which is perfect for covering large spaces. It has the capability to provide your campsite with 75000 BTU to 20000 BTU out output for 29 hours without any issues.

 The manufacturers recommend using a 100 pound tank to get the maximum runtime from the device; however, it also covers around 5000 square feet area. The maximum runtime we got out of the device is 2.16 hours at maximum settings and there were no issues. 

 Another amazing thing about the product is that the manufacturers also include the 10 feet hoes that you require to operate the device and also it has a P.O.L tank connection.

Highlighted features


The design is very convenient and meant to heat up from all the side covering around 5000 square feet.


The device comes with a 75000 to 20000 BTU with a capacity of 5000 square feet. It is perfect for heating up large areas quickly. 


It may be a high power high capacity propane heater but the device is still light weight compared with its capacity. The product weighs around 18.3 pounds.

These are all the top eight best propane heaters for the garage in our list. Now let us get into how to install a propane garage heater. 

How To Install A Propane Garage Heater? 

Now we will be assisting you on how to install propane garage heaters. Keep on reading. 

Finding the right location:

You have to find the right location to put the propane heater. If it is a permanent location, take some time to make your decisions as you will not move the heater.

Also, make sure the wall you want to put the heater on is free from congestion, and the wall should also be ideal for supporting the heater. As there are also outdoor propane heaters and indoor propane heater available in the market. 

Drilling the brackets:

Once you choose the perfect location, then comes the drilling part. Drilling machines can be pretty straightforward, but if you have not used one before, make sure you know how to handle it.

Every propane heater comes with a bracket that will support the heater. The bracket has to be drilled into the wall, and you can drill ¼ inch into the wall where you will hang the bracket.

Check the level:

After the bracket is hung, check if it is straight and balanced. Gently lift your heater, put it on the bracket to see if the heater is balanced or not.

If the balance is done, then put your heater away and mark the point through which you will connect the hose with the heater.

Drill for the hose:

Next, drill a hole in the wall through which the hose can go. You have to make sure that the hole is not too small because the hose will not fit. A 2-inch cutting bit can be used to make the hole.

If the hole is too small, use your drill bits to make the hole a little bigger.

Hang the heater:

After the brackets are put up, and the drilling for the hose is done, you can finally hang the heater. But after hanging it, make sure to secure it to the wall so that it does not fall. 

Connecting the propane tank to the heater:

Every propane heater comes with a propane tank that stores the propane. So it is essential to know how to connect the propane tank to the heater.

Firstly check the rubber valve tube of the tank. Check if it has any holes or cracks. If the rubber valve is not round or has any leaks, then the propane will escape.

After drilling the hole, connect your propane tank with the hose using the adapters. The adapters should be tight so that the connection is not loose. All heaters do not come with adapters. So if your heater does not come with adapters, you can buy them separately.

Turn on your heater:

Finally, turn on your heater to check if it is working correctly or not. For this, turn the propane on from the outside and turn on the start switch from the inside. Please note that since it is the first time you turn on the heater, you have to press the start switch twice or thrice.

Once the light turns on and you can see the flames, you will know the heater is running. Make sure you check all the settings. Keep your heater running for at least 30 minutes to see its performance.

Dos and Don’ts of installing propane garage heater:

Installing a propane heater can be a little bit difficult if you have not done it before.

After installing the heater, make sure that you have also installed carbon monoxide detectors. This is because if any fuel leaks out, then carbon monoxide is produced. 

Please do not leave your heater unsupervised after you have installed it. You should monitor it and check for any smell. This is because even though propane is odorless, some chemicals are mixed with it when it is used as a fuel.

If you have not used a drill machine, please use safety gear. Also, take caution when moving the propane tank and keep it away from any source of the fire.

And this is how you can install a propane garage heater very easily and professionally like an expert. People think propane heaters are not much easy to tackle but it is not true. 

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Propane Heater For Garage 

Versatility or Portability

On the off chance that you are hoping to move your heater around, you really want to consider how convenient the heater is. A few models come furnished with ergonomic conveyor handles and lightweight plans to make lifting more straightforward.

Other, normally bigger models can likewise be found with wheels. Attempt to search for audits that feature strength in case of being shipped much of the time in a vehicle or truck.


In case you’re picking a model that isn’t compact and should be introduced, consider where you will put the heater. Measure this space to find the heater that fits. 

While guaranteeing that it can primarily hold the weight. Lightweight plans with simple establishment are ideal, or you should employ an installer, adding to the expense.

Size and Power

Consider the size of the space that requires warming. Garages are enormous just as drafty, so you’ll have to think about that when a heater may say it warms 1000 square feet. 

Hot air is lost all the more effectively in a garage. You will require something with somewhat higher power and proficiency than you would for a customary, protected inside room. While having the option to squeeze it into the space you have for it.


In addition to the fact that you want your item to cost less, yet you additionally need it to be savvy. This implies that you want to think about the running expenses and think regarding the underlying cost.

With regards to garage heaters, all around protected and very much vented garages will be better off, with lower running expenses. Similarly, propane heaters that can adapt to your requirements without over-performing will run at a lower cost. Ensure you measure viably and work out the power you want. What’s more, quest at an item in your cost range that meets that.


The advancement in the technology world has brought a variety of additional items. Integrated thermostats will permit you to set an even temperature for your room. 

While programmed starts are undeniably more advantageous.

You might need a controller or to have explicit settings. Or on the other hand possibly you are sharp for an advanced presentation. There are all kinds of elements to further develop activity and accommodation.


Search for models that have tip-over security to make the user mindful assuming the heater is falling over. Similarly, overheating security will keep the gadget from overheating. Search for the heaters that join carbon monoxide wellbeing measures too.

Forced Air Heater

These work on similar premises as hair dryers, yet rather than electrical heating components, the heat is created by the propane gas and the hot air is then blown toward whatever path it is required.

Things You Have To Research On Before Buying 

Before buying propane garage heaters, you have to know about a few things before. If you are a beginner, then it is wise to research. Let us dive deeper about what you need to know regarding best propane garage heaters. 

Start your research with types of propane garage heaters available in the market, forced air heater, portable propane heater, heat output, electric heaters, forced air heaters, convection heat, forced air propane, oxygen depletion sensor, propane gas heater, propane convection heater. 

Then about low oxygen in the propane heaters, indoor propane heater, low oxygen sensor, kerosene garage heater, propane gas tank, forced air propane heaters, vent free heater, electronic ignition, liquid propane tank, all the garage heating solutions, ventless heater, battery-powered electronic ignition. 

They’re versatile, incredible for coordinating the heat towards you, and can produce a lot of it, yet the fans can be uproarious.

FAQ ( Frequently asked question )

How to clean a propane garage heater? 

Dust that gathers inside the unit of a propane heater can keep it from lighting and at last adding warmth to a cold room in a house or other enclosed region. For security reasons, a propane heater’s oxygen sensors hold the heaters back from lighting assuming that residue is available.
Giving the propane garage heater an exhaustive cleaning can assist with staying away from a troublesome lighting process and furthermore assist with keeping the radiator lit once touched off.

Things Needed For You To Clean The Propane Heater

  1. Vacuum Cleaner
  2. Cloth
  3. Warm water
  4. Dry towels
  5. Paint brush
  6. Screwdriver

Vacuum the propane heater’s external cover each and every other month. Do an intensive cleaning toward the start of each colder time of year, or after the heater sits unused for significant stretches of time. 

When cleaning inside the heater, be mindful so as to not knock any of the parts, taking them twisted.

Never attempt to light a propane heater when you smell propane gas. Turn off the heater’s gas supply and fix any gas leak(s) prior to lighting the heater.

Really take a look at nearby statutes or building regulations on utilizing propane heaters in your space before establishment.

Ensure the propane heater is wound down. Vacuum as much residue and flotsam and jetsam as possible from an external perspective of the heater, and vacuum inside the vent openings and systems on the heater.

Utilize a little paint brush for brushing dust away in close regions. Tenderly move the brush over the igniter and the fire regions on the heater.

Eliminate the screws that hold the heater’s cover board, eliminate it and wipe within it with warm water. Dry the recently washed region and put it away.

Tenderly vacuum the parts inside the propane heater, and utilize the paintbrush to forget about dust from around the oxygen sensor situated close to the gas line tubing.

Set up the board cover back and fix the screws. Light the heater as taught in the working manual.

And this is how you need to clean your propane heater. Follow each step carefully and clean your propane heater. 

Is it safe to heat a garage with propane? 

Indeed, it is totally protected, particularly considering that most manufacturers plan propane heaters with well being components.
In any case, consider specific wellbeing measures, for example, getting flammable materials far from the heater and ensuring that the room is adequately circulated air through to permit burning.

How Many BTUs Does it Take to Heat a 2-Car Garage?

A 2 car garage needs BTUs of 45,000. 

Does a propane garage heater need to be vented? 

Like most choices of heating, legitimate or proper ventilation is important to get the best outcomes.
Propane heaters need oxygen to relax. In this way, in a garage, it will share the oxygen you burn through. Moreover, without legitimate or proper ventilation, you increase the danger of carbon monoxide harming.


We hope that we could help you to pick the best propane heat garage from the list of eight.  After our thorough research, we got these top eight propane garage heaters. 

These propane garage heaters are best of its kind. All the propane heaters here are unique from each other. The features and performance of the propane heaters from these different. 

Go through each of the propane heaters, and pick the one that suits you the best. There are many types of propane heaters available, so pick the one your garage needs.


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