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Can You Spray Paint Leather? Tips & Tricks

Are you tired of using the same furniture, shoes, or car seats? Do you want to renovate these by painting? You have nothing to worry about. We are here to assist you out with a quick and easy way to paint your old belongings and give them a new life. The fastest way to renew the leather is to spray paint.

The best part is the spray paint dries so quickly on leather and is inexpensive, and we can use it within a very short time. Spray paints come in different colors, and you can choose according to your choice. But before that, you have to make some preparations and go through a process to make it last longer. In this article, we will share, can you spray paint leather?

Leather Spray Paint

Leather spray paint usually works on leather, vinyl, or even plastic. Applying it correctly to our desired object will give a natural look, and it does not come off quickly. There are several brands of leather spray paint, and also, they come in different sizes. We can buy the spray paint cans according to our needs.

For example, we will not buy a big-size paint jar just for spray paint shoes, and a small size jar will be enough for spray paint shoes or boots. On the other hand, we will need a larger paint jar to use on furniture like chairs or sofas. We can buy several colors if we are not sure which color to deposit to our specific object.

We have to make sure the surface is smooth enough to spray paint; otherwise, it will not look good. Also, reading the manufacturer’s guide is crucial to avoid any unpleasant occurrences. There are some basic steps for spray paint leather which we will be sharing with you below.

Materials required for spray paint leather

Leather spray paint can be the best choice to paint a solid color. Moreover, you can create a gradient of shades with different colors. We often do not need to apply a finisher, but sometimes a finisher is excellent to have a shiny piece.

Apart from these, there are some essential ingredients we will need to have in our hands. Whether it is shoes, furniture, or car seats, we will need some materials to spray paint leather, and they are listed below.

  • Brush
  • Leather preparer
  • Immense pieces of cloths
  • Cotton wool pieces
  • Tapes or papers to cover unwanted places
  • Protective glasses

Preparing the leather

If we do not prepare the leather, we will face cracking and peeling off paints from the objects. We have to prepare the leather first to make sure that it will soak up the spray paint, and it will help protect the thing from splitting the color from the desired object.

To prepare the leather, we need to clean it initially. We can use any alcoholic rub to remove previous coats, oils, or waxes. Usually, alcohol removes all the unnecessary things to clean the object up, but sometimes there can be some remaining residues. For that, we can use sandpaper to smooth the surfaces of the leather, and it will also allow spray paint to catch easily to the leather.

Proceeding for painting

Can You Spray Paint Leather

After proper cleaning with alcohol and sandpaper, we have to cover the leather with the preparer. Preparers are a form of acetone. We can also use acetones as preparers, and it will give a protective layer for further polish and spray paints. The essential thing in this step is that we have to keep in mind the area is well-ventilated.

As soon as we cover the leather with the preparer, we must wait at least one hour before starting to spray paint. After this period, our leather is clean and ready for spray paints. But before that, we need to determine which area we want to renew. We have to protect the area, and we do not want to spray paint with tape or paper. If the parts we do not want to paint are not sealed, we will have spray paint everywhere.

Spray painting the leather

The best spray paint for painting leather is fabric paint or vinyl spray paint. These paints are specially made for leather, saving them from peeling, rubbing, or cracking easily. Interestingly, it will stay good without applying a finisher over leather. We need to spray paint with a light coat or more coats, depending on the product.

To start the painting, we need to select a larger area and cover it with a cloth to avoid any paint all over the place. We can choose a significant open ground for painting any object. In that way, we can see where we need to spray paint. Before starting to paint, we have to read the instructions given in the paint bottle. We need to shake the paint bottle well to have a nice consistency of colors.

We have to keep the object about a foot away from the spray painter to spray paint. Because at first, we want to keep a light layer of paint and gradually increase the paint layers. After completing each layer, we must wait for at least ten minutes to dry it up. It takes time, and if you can wait patiently, you will be amazed by the outcome. After drying the final coat of paint, we need to wipe off the excess paint with a soft cloth to give it a smooth look.

Drying and curing

We need to wait for at least 48 hours in a well-ventilated area without touching it for best results. If we can wait longer, the attachment of paint to the leather will be more prominent. Sometimes, there is a possibility for leather materials not to absorb the paint entirely.

However, we would suggest wiping the leather finally so that no excess amount of paint remains. We also have to ensure that the leather is not dirty during its drying period, and spraying over some waterproof spray paint will help us have a better outcome.

Spray paint on leather shoes

To spray paint on leather shoes, we do not need a massive amount of paint. But, it certainly depends on your preference. If we spray paint new shoes, we can immediately start the painting. But, if the shoes are old, they need proper cleaning before spray painting.

We can use alcohol or a preparer to clean the shoes. Also, we can use a cleaner to deglaze it before starting to paint. We highly recommend using a leather preparer for shoes before spray painting for best results. It is vital to prepare the shoes properly; otherwise, the paint will crack up.

We have to apply spray paint in thin coats to be on the safe side. After drying a coat properly, we can move to more coats if required. After drying completely, we can wipe off the excess and brand new shoes.

Spray paint on leather furniture

The process is almost the same for leather furniture. If we are painting new furniture, we can start the painting as soon as possible. But, if the furniture is old and we want to renovate them, then we have to deglaze and clean them properly. Fabric paint or vinyl paint will work great for leather furniture.

First, we have to apply a very thin coat of paint color that we have longed for. We have to avoid spray paint in the thick coat because we do not want crumbled-up furniture. We can use as many thin coats of paint as we want until we are satisfied with the result. Finally, we can wipe off the extra paint with a soft cloth after drying the paint thoroughly.

Spray paint on leather car seats

The most exciting part about spray painting is, we can paint car seats according to your choice. Although we have to take some extra precautions, it will be worth it in the end. There are two different ways to spray paint car seats. One is to remove the seats from the car, and another is to protect the doors, floors, and other amenities.

There are some specific vinyl and fabric paints to spray paint on leather car seats, like leather furniture. As we already know, the rule is that we have to make sure that all the surfaces are clean and deglazed before painting. We always recommend spraying paint from a one-foot distance to have the best outcome. We may need to apply a number of coats to cover the car seats completely.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I spray paint the leather couch?

Yes, you can easily spray paint your leather couch. There are some spray paints which are specially designed for painting couches. For that, you have to clean the couch first. Then, apply a thin layer of leather spray paint.

To complete the couch, you probably need to apply several coats. You can turn your old furniture into brand-new stuff using spray paint.

  1. Is spray paint suitable for leather?

Spray paint is safe for leather, and you have to make sure that the paint you are using is made for leather. Also, paints used for the flexible surface can be applied to leather surfaces.

  1. How long usually does leather spray paint last in shoes?

If you apply properly, the spray paint can last up to 6 to 8 days. The angelus leather preparer is one of the best colors for leather shoes, and it will not peel off from leather. Moreover, it is waterproof.

  1. What kind of spray paint can I use for leather?

There are several kinds of spray paints, and many are specially designed for particular purposes. For instance, there are spray paints for boots or shoes and some other paints that can be used on furniture or even cars. Choose spray paint according to your needs.

  1. Can I spray paint leather shoes?

There are spray paints available which are specially made for painting leather shoes. To spray paint the shoes, you have to prepare the leather first and remove the laces, if any. Cover the rest you do not want to paint if you’re spraying some specific area.

6. What are the other things that I need to know before spray painting leather?   

Before you spray paint leather, or start painting research and learn about types of fabric spray paint and leather spray paints, acrylic leather paint, spray paint specifically designed for any special purpose, acrylic paint, faux leather, sponge brush. 

Also see if you know about light coats, several thin coats, multiple coats, lighter color, darker shade, multiple colors, brillo color. 

As a beginner it might look a bit difficult to paint leather shoes, leather chair, doing acrylic leather paint, spray painting leather, paint dry the leather surface. It can be a time consuming process, to prepare all your supplies, cleaning dirt, working with full concentration for full coverage, cutting leather piece, leather clean and doing color spray. 

But remember as time goes by you will become an expert while working with the best leather spray paint.


Some people prefer to use the airbrush to paint leather, but we recommend using spray paints on leather. It can be applied very easily, and it dries really fast. Moreover, it will give you an elegant look. One of the most economical ways is spray paint to make an ordinary chunk into a statement piece.

Up until now, you have got a clear interpretation of spray paint on leathers. You can choose the color according to your choice. Sometimes, you can get confused about the color brand and the quality. In that case, experts can help by guiding you through the selection and process.


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