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How To Increase CFM On Air Compressor – Best 3 Ways

How to increase cfm on air compressor

Today, we are going to discuss with you the important fact of how to increase CFM on air compressors. Many people struggle a lot with this issue. And without having the proper knowledge of how to increase CFM on air compressor, sometimes they destroy the air compressors themselves.

There are three proven methods or techniques on how you can increase the CFM on your air compressor. And here, we will be showing you in detail those three methods, and you have to understand and pick the one that works for you and your air compressor.

Ways To Increase CFM on Air Compressors Or How To Increase CFM on Air Compressor

If you are totally a beginner, then read this part first about CFM. CFM means nothing difficult, which is just the cubic feet per minute, which tells about the airspeed that goes inside an air compressor.

You may want to increase or decrease the CFM of your air compressors for many reasons, maybe because your various kinds of jobs need you to increase or decrease the CFM of the air compressors.

The higher the CFM of the air compressors, the more air they can convey. If it is better relies upon your application – assuming you’re working substantial air tools like wrenches or nailing weapons, the higher the CFM, the better, however assuming you’re utilizing more broad use devices, that high CFM may not be vital.

Let us get into the main analysis part now.

Ways how you can increase CFM on air compressor are-

  • By decreasing the pressure of the air compressor
  • By connecting two compressors
  • By allowing or giving adequate or more time to the compressor

Decrease The Pressure Of The Air Compressor

Compressors first take air inside it. Then, at that point, it assembles pressure in the tank. This pressure then, at that point, assists the air with going out at a specific rate which we are alluding to as CFM.

Each air compressor has a specific level of power. This power relies upon the pressure and the CFM. Numerically speaking, the formula is calculated in the way that power is equal to pressure which is multiplied by volume divided by time.

Now, the volume which is divided by time is what we call CFM. To keep this steady power, you need to let down the pressure on the off chance that you increase the CFM.

Be that as it may, you can’t work an air compressor past its power limit. So if you can construct less pressure or tension in the tank, the CFM of your compressor will increase. Also, to do such, you have to dial down the regulator of the compressor.

At the point when you dial the regulator down of your compressor, wind streams into the tank gradually and constructs a lower pressure or tension inside. This lower pressure then, at that point, permits you to have a higher CFM.

If you follow this technique, you can arrive at a specific cutoff. However, this is alright for your compressor and will not harm the air compressor at any rate.

You Can Two Air Compressors Together For Increasing The CFM

You Can Two Air Compressors Together For Increasing

The past strategy will not have the option to give CFM higher than the most extreme restriction of your compressor. Imagine a scenario in which your compressor has a most extreme restriction of 5 CFM, yet you wanted more than that.

For this situation, there is another strategy that you can follow. Here you will connect or interface two compressors for more CFM. How does this function? Indeed, if you associate two compressors having 5 CFM and 3 CFM, you can get 8 CFM on the double.

Things being what they are, and how might you connect or interface the two air compressors? It’s basic. Follow these –

  • Take two blowers and connect or interface the tank of the two compressors with two different or distinct hoses.
  • Then, at that point, take another hose, and connect or interface the two hoses with the third one or the third hose.
  • The third hose ought to have three openings or holes so two of the openings can be utilized as sources of input, and the third opening can be utilized as the output.
  • Presently connect or interface the output of the third hose with the tool, and you are finished.

You can utilize this strategy if you want a higher CFM than your air compressor can give. However, there is a thing you should remember.

If you, as of now, have two air compressors and want a higher CFM, you can interface them. In any case, imagine the scenario where you don’t have two air compressors. Will you purchase another with a low CFM and associate them?

It relies upon how kind of functions or works you manage your air compressor. Assuming you do work that requires high CFM, it is better that you purchase a high CFM air compressor.

Allowing Or Giving Adequate Or More Time To The Compressor

One more productive, cost-effective, and simple technique for expanding or increasing CFM on an air compressor offers an additional opportunity to the compressor. Permitting the air compressor to work for additional time on the compacted air will, at last, make the tank pressure or strain up.

To follow through with the task, you should set the guidelines at the most reduced level. Doing so will allow the compressors to engine run for a more drawn-out time frame and increase the packed air thickness.

Along these lines, you will have further developed CFM. To finish the cycle unequivocally, you need to catch on quickly how to change the controller or regulator on the air compressors.

As a pure beginner, go down leisurely instead of going for the last setting in one exertion. It will offer you the most elevated CFM output securely and in the end. Something great about this strategy is that it will build the lifespan of the air compressor alongside CFM. If the previous method did not help you then do this.

These are the three most well-known and proven techniques to answer your question of increasing CFM on air compressors. Now, it is your responsibility to research and try out what goes perfectly with you and your air compressor.

After knowing how to increase CFM on air compressors, you might be curious about decreasing CFM on an air compressor. Well, here we are again with our experienced advice.

Some air tools are exceptionally delicate and may require a lower wind current to work appropriately without harming the tool. With delayed use at higher pressures or wind streams or what we call air flows, more prominent than what they’re evaluated for, you might destroy the tool all the more rapidly. The ideal way of forestalling harm to tools or air compressors with lower wind current or airflow requirements is to reduce the airflow on the air compressors.

Bringing down the airflow on your air compressor works backward of numerous ideas we featured to increase or expand your wind current or airflow. Here is a synopsis:

Increment the power source pressure

While you would prefer not to build the output pressure or tension of your air compressor a lot over the suggested pressure or strain of the tool, you can press your outlet.

At the point when the power source pressure and the tank pressure have a more modest contrast, the output wind stream will be more modest.

 Reduction of the hose size

Reduction of the hose size

Attaching a more modest hose to your air compressor will add pressure drop to the air compressor. This expanded pressure drop will decrease how much wind current or airflow is accessible at the power source.

Furthermore, you could expand the complete length of the hose, add fittings into the framework, or in any case, add extra strain.

Decouple auxiliary air compressors or tanks

If you don’t have a second air compressor or auxiliary tank, you can’t eliminate airflow by eliminating one. Nonetheless, in case you were frantic to diminish the airflow at your compressor, however, had no different means, you could attach a subsequent tool or a drain on the line to lessen airflow.

While this strategy squanders packed air that your air compressor endeavored to pack, it’s a compelling way of diminishing airflow.

But do not forget to check valves of your air compressors and the pressure adjustment.

Some More Important Suggestions About Air Compressor’s CFM

Air Compressor CFM

The methods, tips and tricks we told you about air compressor cfm, or the air pressure are all proven. But still we suggest, that before you take the steps always do deep research on air compressor cfm, air pressure, compressed air, cubic feet- as knowing about cubic feet is essential, air tools-there are different air tools available in the market, so analyze the air tools well, cfm ratings, cfm stands, new air compressor, same compressor, square inch, increased cfm, air compressor’s tank, cfm level, pressure level, air paint sprayers, air holder cylinder, lower cfm.

Then also research about air tank, compressor tank, high cfm compressor, compressor motor, air volume, input air, compressor tanks, existing compressor, cubic foot, low cfm, decreasing pressure, air tools require, higher cfm rating, different cfm ratings, two compressor tanks, good cfm rating, relief valve, cubic feet per minute, tank’s pressure, flow rate, one compressor, third hose’s output, required cfm, standard cubic feet, machine’s cfm, energy consumption, power level.

Also do not forget to see how much air or how much cfm your air compressor can handle, cfm level is important as compressor cfm is dangerous to play with. See if your compressor can handle lower cfm or more cfm, then calculate cfm, as cfm rating is a crucial thing to understand.

Air compressor’s cfm has always been a great issue for beginners, we hope we could help you. Once again the last advice will be to know about the cfm rating, because if you know the cfm rating you will not face much confusion with your air tool. Working with an air tool can be tricky for a beginner sometimes.

These are all the things you need to know for how to increase cfm on an air compressor.

Final Tips

Well, we suggest people buy air compressors which come with higher air compressors. Now maybe, the scenario can be like that when you bought, you didn’t need high CFM because the project you were working on was not big or regular.

But now, if you have big and regular projects and need air compressors with higher CFM, we will tell you to buy one if you can afford or follow the steps explained above carefully for knowing how to increase CFM on air compressor.


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